Project Description

Pool Deck Project

Pool Deck 3d Modeling project aims to transform an ordinary pool area into a visually stunning and functional space through the power of 3D modeling and design. This project is ideal for homeowners, property developers, and hospitality businesses looking to elevate their outdoor pool areas to new heights of luxury and aesthetics.


What We Did

Our core expertise lies in 3D modeling and design. Here’s what we accomplished in the context of 3D modeling for this project:

Pool-deck 3d Modeling project


  • Conceptual 3D Models: We created a series of detailed 3D models to visually represent various design concepts for the pool deck. These models showcased different layouts, materials, colors, and landscaping ideas, allowing the client to make informed decisions.
  • Realistic Visualization:Our 3D models provided the client with a realistic and immersive visualization of the proposed pool deck enhancements. This allowed them to explore the design from multiple angles and perspectives before making final decisions.
  • Client Collaboration:
    We actively engaged with the client throughout the project, presenting 3D models for their feedback and revisions. This iterative process ensured that the final design aligned perfectly with their vision.
  • Detailed Final Design:
    Our team developed a comprehensive 3D model of the chosen design, incorporating all elements and features, including the pool area, landscaping, seating arrangements, lighting, and other amenities.
  • Visualization of Cost Estimation:
    We used 3D modeling to help the client visualize cost estimations by creating detailed visual breakdowns of expenses associated with different design choices.
  • Quality Assurance through 3D Inspection:We conducted a final 3D inspection to ensure that the completed pool deck matched the high-quality standards established in the 3D design phase, addressing any issues or discrepancies.
  • 3D Design Handover:
    We formally handed over the completed 3D design files to the client, providing them with valuable documentation for reference, future modifications, and maintenance.Through our expertise in 3D modeling within CAD design, Olive CAD Design Agency played a pivotal role in transforming the client’s vision into a vividly realized pool deck concept, enhancing their ability to visualize and make informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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